Animal Poachery

Rhinoceros Spider Earthworm

♫ Song Spider Poem Notes *
© 1983..2009 by Andreas Wittenstein. Some rights reserved. (CC)

An idle fly
flew gliding by
to alight on the web of a spider.
The spider spied her
and sidled beside her
with her fiber to bridle the fly.

When she sighted the spider
the fly tried to
fight her,
but the more she defied her,
the tighter she tied her,
till such was her plight
that despite her best fight
the spider'd just wind her and
bind her.

At last she respired
to bite her fly
and to spit her bile-spittle inside her,
and bide beside her
straddled astride her
to siphon out all her fly-cider.

Andreas Wittenstein

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