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Ξ Poem Family Values Notes
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Palin: Sarah Palin was selected as running mate by 2008 U.S. Republican Presidential nominee John McCain for her right-wing evangelical fervor in order to energize the Republican party base. Sarah Palin opposes abortion even in cases of brutal incestuous rape of a minor, and under her mayorship of Wasilla, Alaska, rape victims were required to pay for their own forensic tests (at a cost of up $1200), unlike all other crime victims. Although Palin would deny all other women the personal decision of bearing and raising children, she professed pride in her own daughter's “choice” to bear a child out of wedlock.

McCain: John McCain was the 2008 U.S. Republican Presidential nominee. As a U.S. Senator, he consistently voted against abortion rights. Although he has occasionally supported exceptions in case of incest and rape, the Republican party platform on which he ran permitted no such exclusions, and in an NBC Meet the Press interview on 30 January 2000, he categorically supported a Constitutional Amendment to ban all abortions, even if it results in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of women per year.

first-night: 1. In feudal Europe, under the custom of jus primae noctis, the ‘right of the first night’, male rulers claimed the privilege of raping any peasant bride on her wedding night. 2. For fundamentalist Republicans, banning abortion, even in cases of rape, incest, and danger to the mother's health, is the highest priority, ideally enacted the first night that their chosen rulers take office.

family values: 1. ‘Family values’ is a campaign slogan referring to a policy of denying families the right to exercise and pass down their own values, instead imposing the bigoted values of self-appointed moral guardians troubled by what they perceive as their own moral laxity. 2. ‘Family values’ is a campaign slogan referring to a policy of devaluing the family in favor of a totalitarian state.

Fitz-: In subtle revenge for being saddled with the children of forcible ‘noble’ cuckoldry, Scottish serfs took to naming children conceived under jus primae noctis after their biological rapist fathers, so that Fitz- (Norman, from French fils, ‘son’) came to mean ‘bastard child of’.

nation: 1. Patriarchal conservatives identify the father with the national ruler and the family with the nation, and demand unthinking obedience of the nation-family to the partriarchy. 2. If closet rapists had their way, the nation would soon be overpopulated with unwanted children of rape.

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